Built for Investing!

After 36 years in the real estate business I am coming to the conclusion that this might be the best business in the world for women. As agents we create our own schedules with clients and work it into family life. As investors, we buy property to give us passive income while we are busy […]

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Property Manager Moms

All of the property managers at Flourish Real Estate and Property Management are mothers. Why do I bother to mention this seemingly insignificant fact? Because as a mother we are trained to look at all sides of a situation, to head off a problem before it starts, and to reel in and “restrict” an existing

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Have you ever wondered what your house was worth and casually checked your “zestimate”? How did they do that and how accurate can this artificial intelligence be? Well, they have taken the sales prices and square footages of the house sales near your house, averaged them, and then given you an average or median price

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