All of the property managers at Flourish Real Estate and Property Management are mothers. Why do I bother to mention this seemingly insignificant fact? Because as a mother we are trained to look at all sides of a situation, to head off a problem before it starts, and to reel in and “restrict” an existing problem. Tenants have problems and especially now during the pandemic when everything is stressful! Our job is to guide them, with patience and experience, to a positive outcome. We mediate tenant disputes, help find social services for rent help, help find mental health services, and we function as a general resource for our tenants. Peripherally, we handle loose dogs, unlicensed vehicles, unwelcomed guests, and more bugs and rodents than I care to think about. It is not a glamerous job but it is an essential job with meaning. Every person we touch we touch with kindness…like a Mom.

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