After 36 years in the real estate business I am coming to the conclusion that this might be the best business in the world for women. As agents we create our own schedules with clients and work it into family life. As investors, we buy property to give us passive income while we are busy giving life and raising children. Women know how to listen, to take in a lot of information and distill it down to what is necessary, and to multitask to make it all happen while still keeping the other plates spinning on the sticks. It’s not a “Man’s World” anymore! Consider sticking a toe into the real estate pool. Buy a single property that makes sense and then build on it as it makes sense in your situation. Over a few years you will discover how your properties can take care of you in your retirement and all you did was take care of your properties…and you know how to take care of things…you’re a woman!!

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