Have you ever wondered what your house was worth and casually checked your “zestimate”?

How did they do that and how accurate can this artificial intelligence be? Well, they have taken the sales prices and square footages of the house sales near your house, averaged them, and then given you an average or median price for a house of your square footage in that neighborhood. “What about my granite countertops? My extra lot? My finished basement?” you say. I say, bring in an experienced human who knows the value of your new countertops, your extra lot and your finished basement! They could add the value of these items to your appraisal giving you a true, and much higher, number. Don’t leave money on the table by using a autovaluation tool such as Zillow when you can make a call or send an email and get an exact valulation of your property. When you are considering selling Flourish Real Estate and Property Management will price your property precisely with years of experience not just an algorithm. People still mean a lot in the real estate world!

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